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Some press quotes

"Another fascinating facet of the ongoing Van Kruysdijk evolution"

The Letter (UK)


"Van Kruysdijk confirms himself as a great interpreter of the genre with a product that can make techno fans happy, but also easily go beyond. His is a quality proposal, which rejects the more commercial declinations of the genre to seek more personal and sophisticated approaches."

Music Map (IT)

"A refreshingly intense EBM-release that should speak to anyone who has a soft spot for dark atmosphere and a higher heart rate while getting lost in an unknown metropolis."

Transcended Music Blog (DE)

"Emotional-thematisch springt dieses Album im Dreieck und bietet sowohl Potenzial für verschwitze Tanzeskalation am heimischen Dark-Room, als auch Platz dafür, die Schichten der eigenen Gefühle, bzw. das Verständnis derer abzutragen und für sich allein neu zu ergründen." (DE)

"A throbbing, muffled, dense synth monster."

Fighting Boredom (UK)

“The whole EP is heart-racing. Brace yourself before you play it.”

7th level music (USA)

"The album is an astonishing sonic exploration of the dark and abrasive, the danceable and daring, the simple yet compelling."


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