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Daisy Bell


Dutch trio Daisy Bell’s music varies from atmospheric soundscapes to experimental, minimal electro pop. With a collection of acoustic and electronic instruments, live sampling, live sound manipulation and harmony vocals, Daisy Bell switches from soft and intimate to a raw and vibrant wall of sound. On stage the lyrics of the songs, poems by William Blake (1757-1827), are projected on the band.


Daisy Bell debuted with a concert for VPRO radio (NL), broadcast live via satellite in 25 countries. Shortly after that they released their first songs on pink vinyl on WORM Records, were the support act for CocoRosie and played several gigs including Faust's prestigious Avantgarde Festival (Germany). In 2014 they toured with gamelan ensemble Gending with their programme Year Without A Summer (see PROJECTS page).

In December 2013, they recorded the album 'London' with engineer Sandor Caron (Knalpot) at the legendary Hilvaria Studios in the south of the Netherlands.

It was then mixed and produced by Darren Allison (producer of Efterklang, Amatorski, Belle & Sebastian, Spiritualized a.m.m.) in London and was released in November 2015 by Opa Loka Records (GER).



Evelien van den Broek

Vocals, Monotribe Synth, Concertina, Kazoo, Cracklebox, Musical Winding Toy, Live Electronics


Dyane Donck

Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keys, Kazoo, Tiny Fish Fan, Recorder, Musical Winding Toy, Samples, Effects


​Richard van Kruysdijk​

Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Keys, Live Sampling & Looping, Samples, Effects



Dyane, Evelien and Richard share a background in performing, producing and composing for the stage, installation and multidisciplinary art, film, theatre and dance and share a passion for genre-transcending music projects.


The name ‘Daisy Bell’ is derived from the first song that was ‘sung’ by a computer in 1961.

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