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Niels van Hoorn / Richard van Kruysdijk


guest vocalists:

Marie-Claudine / Blaine L. Reininger / David J / Jarboe / Edward Ka-Spel / Winston Tong / Richard Sinclair / Graham Lewis / Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson's Threshold Houseboys Choir

As founder of the leftfield nu-jazz outfit Sonar Lodge, and co-owner of the Music For Speakers label, Richard van Kruysdijk is no stranger to contemporary electronica and broken beats, whilst Niels van Hoorn's skills in the field of avant-garde and psychedelica resulted in many collaborations (with Mark Spybey, Cevin Key, The Teargarden, Lydia Lunch) as well as countless gigs and tours around the world with The Legendary Pink Dots.Shifting from subtle electronic 'songscapes' to monumental triphop songs, Strange Attractor has created their own musical blend of new wave tingled triphop. Their releases feature a string of underground celebrity guests.

They have toured Europe 5 times since 2006, headlining in 11 countries.The attraction of their live performance is built around the warm, soulful vocals of Marie-Claudine, the diverse wind instruments of 'natural born performer' Niels, and the energetic acoustic and electronic drumming of Richard.



- five European tours, headlining in 11 countries

- released 2 LP's, 3 CD's and a 7" vinyl single

- raving reviews in international press

- national TV items in Poland and Russia

- publicity campaigns in Poland

- guest vocals by members of The Legendary

   Pink Dots, Caravan, Tuxedomoon, Bauhaus,

   Coil, Swans, Wire


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