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ARC Works


Audio & Light Installations

Theatrical light designer Ate Jan van Kampen and sound designer/musician Richard van Kruysdijk have been working together on major international

stage productions. They are currently creating a series of art installations in which they investigate the manifestation of color, light and sound in its most pure, elementary form.


In 2020, two of their works - 'RED' and '589' - were premiered at TAC, Eindhoven in the exhibition 'VOID', which also featured Richard's 'Glitch Prints' and 'Glitch Video'. See pictures below. 

A MASS production


28 August - 4 October 2020


Love, aggression, wealth, blood, lust... The most ambiguous of all colours, red symbolises many - often contradictory - things. In some languages, the word for red was the same as the word for colour. The fascinating and controversial history of red inspired Ate Jan van Kampen and Richard van Kruysdijk to create two new light&sound installations - ‘RED’ and ‘589’ - in which they investigate the impact of colour, detached from form and narrative.

Simultaneously, Richard van Kruysdijk explores colour and composition as the result of digitally rearranged images.

"You can make a song with two chords, but why use so many?" Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Coil)

RED is a box that houses 100 meters of high powered red LED light strips, emitting changing shapes of red. It is complemented by 589: a sound&light installation consisting of 7 sodium lamps. Their ultra narrow colour frequency plays with our eyes and brain, almost erasing all other colours from our perception. The accompanying soundscape is based on the audio equivalent and centres around a 589 Hertz tone.

These sculptural multimedia installations function beyond their physical shape, filling the space. The intensity of the light and sound offers an immersive experience that alters our perception of the space in which they are exhibited, just as they physically alter our perception of colours during and after we’ve been exposed to them. They combine stillness and the intimation of motion, leading us beyond the very edge of identifiable form.


Processed through glitch software, Richard van Kruysdijk’s intricately detailed digital Glitch Prints and Glitch Video are equally abstract, devoid of a clear narrative. And they too play with our biological limitations to separate form.


Colour and sound add meaning to an art work, but never specific. Warm colours – such as red, yellow and orange – can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. By eliminating ornamentation in concept and manifestation, all these works seek to provoke a personal narrative that directly taps into our intuition.

‘RED’ and ‘589’ are the first in a series of collaborative installations in which Ate Jan and Richard investigate the manifestation of colour, light and sound in its most pure, elementary form. They follow an intuitive work process and share a love for a minimal, functional aesthetic. They believe that eliminating unnecessary ornamentation shortens, and broadens, the path to the receiver, allowing a more personal engagement with the work.

VOID is their first collaborative exhibition.




Subsidisers & Sponsors:

Kunstloc Brabant  /  Cultuur Eindhoven  /  TAC  /  Akoestiek Montage Brabant  /  MASS production

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