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Wolf Soup

Armed with a multitude of effect pedals, routed to 10 different guitar amps, Raphael Vanoli and Richard van Kruysdijk create a 3D landscape that offers views of deep, dark valleys; detailed, intricate sounds and eruptions of bright, shimmering melodies.

Pairing unusual playing techniques with extreme sound processing and rich harmonic textures, WOLF SOUP invite the audience to submerge in their world of controlled glitches and intuitive interplay.


WOLF SOUP have created a unique setup, in which they rapidly and abruptly switch between amps during playing, thus creating an enormous depth and an immersive spacial sound experience. With amps ranging from big Marshall stacks to tiny battery powered speakers, their sonic range is enormous. Placing the amps in a half circle, partly around the audience, completes the 3D experience.


Wolf Soup are currently finishing their debut album,

recorded at Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek in Eindhoven (NL).

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