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Improvisation group with Bart van Dongen and Jeroen Doomernik.


2012 - 2014


A musical multimedia performance conceptualised and composed by Dyane Donck, based on the graphic novel by Eileen Whisker that caresses as well as distresses the eyes and ears. 

In a quest on the border of reality and illusion that touches the rough edges of existence and explores the dark corners of the soul, Evelien van den Broek plays the role of Isabella Green.


Utilizing cutting edge electronica, vocals and droning bronze in a decor of wonderful film noir- and graphic novel projections, Dyane Donck creates a hallucinatory musical hybrid of dark experimentalism and prog rock a la Pink Floyd in a theatrical setting that invokes the gloomy, enigmatic story lines of David Lynch.




OUTLIERS (Jeroen Doomernik, Jurriaan Dekker, Richard van Kruysdijk) creates a cinematic tension with just a few carefully placed musical elements. Their largely improvised arrangements unfold complex ambient soundscapes with abstract, glitchy rhythmical elements; warm, plucked or bowed, steady yet free bass lines and trumpet sounds that shift from charming melodies to dissonant outbursts.


Listen to their live concert at FAQ festival 2012


2011 - 2012


Multi-media performance by Dark Radio Project (DRaP).





On 1 and 2 September 2005, four musicians (Maartje Simons, Eric van der Westen, Niels van Hoorn and Richard van Kruysdijk), gathered in the Klaverand studio. Their goal? Total improvisation. While each has his or her own distinctive musical handwriting and stylistic baggage, there were no rules, no restrictions of genre or sound, just four open minds acting and reacting, domninanlty clashing as well as harmonically supporting, taking sharp corners leading from post rock extravaganza to glitch jazz, shaping sounds in time. The concept? Push record and see what happens...


Buy their eponimous CD here


2003 - 2004


From crackling jazz drumming and warm alto clarinet sounds to spiralling guitar melodies over deep, dubby beats and subtle vocals. From deranged, atmospheric soundscapes to post-rockish guitar licks and glitching clicks ‘n’ cuts. From jazzy Rhodes playing (by guest Jeroen van Vliet) to playful analog synth sounds. MUSIC FOR SPEAKERS AMPLIFIED takes the idea of popsongs to the edge, and frequently leave them hanging over an abyss of sound and unconventional melodies.


Buy their CD "Popular Music Must End" here


1996 & 2002


PHD2 is Phallus Dei's ambient side project. They released two CD's.

Richard regularly collaborates in projects as co-composer and/or musician, video designer, producer or graphic artist.





2009 - 2012


The BEAM (Brabants Ensemble Actuele Muziek) Orchestra consists of 11 musicians. They perform in special concert series, working with respected musician-composers.

As co-arranger, Richard arranged three songs by underground icon Daniel Johnston for their first project entitled "BEAM me up!". With this program, Daniel Johnston and BEAM toured Europe in April 2010, visiting prestigious clubs and festivals in 9 countries.


In November 2011, BEAM worked with Markus Stockhausen on a program of what he calls "intuitive music". An improvisational approach to creating music that requires a high level of concentration and can lead to unknown musical territories and intense experience. They performed twice at the November Music festival on 11 November 2011.


The artistic team consists of Bart van Dongen, Eric van der Westen, Andreas van Zoelen and Martin Fondse. The pool of BEAM musicians include: Jurriaan Dekker, Yonga Sun, Richard van Kruysdijk, Guido Nijs, Michiel van Stekelenburg, Bruno Nelissen, Yvonne van de Pol, Jacqueline Hamelink, Hans Sparla, Miguel Boelens, Herman van Haaren.


by Daisy Bell & gamelan ensemble Gending - 2014


A blasting musical performance inspired by the biggest volcanic eruption of recorded history.


The gigantic clouds of ash from the Tambora volcano (Indonesia) caused a "year without a summer" in 1816 in Europe.

Lord Byron's poem “Darkness” on the subject creates the textual link between the different musical worlds of ancient bronze of Gamelan ensemble Gending and the contemporary indietronics of Dutch trio Daisy Bell.

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